Romantic Massage Set that Can make Happier


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Romantic massage set gift ideas
A massage set paired with a romantic massage is a great gift for your girlfriend

Details on the romantic massage set

This massage set will make your romantic massage crackle

We delight in the joys of naked Cupid and the rushing waterbed with a lovely massage sound, as it says in one of Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s Roman Elegies, poems in ancient hexameters! And the man knew what he was writing about. The greatest poet and woman understander among us Germans! Who else? Well, in Italy the customs are a bit relaxed for some people! But a Goethe also knew: Before the bed begins to sway properly and comfortably, those in love must first get rid of their clothes and then…stop! Romantic imagination is needed here, otherwise, nothing will work!

It all depends on the foreplay: a romantic massage is the order of the day!

Let’s open the discreetly packaged massage set from AMORELIE right away – because the motto for you and your sweetheart, especially when it comes to tingling gift ideas, is: try it out for yourself, enjoy, feel good! Wow! Then order for others and give away! The massage set from Amorelie includes colorful bottles with aromatic massage oil that warms and supports massage movements that emphasize pleasure. If you do not (yet) want to lend a hand, take the smooth massage stone and rub your partner’s muscular tension with relish, who now wants more and more!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

The high-quality oil from the massage setting cares for the skin and makes the whole body so supple that the romantic massage can now reach its climax. Now it comes to mind: slipping fingers are allowed! Since the massage hands themselves have become tender and slippery, men can use the next utensil from the massage set and recommend it to their loved ones: The Woman Bodyglide flows everywhere and allows barrier-free hand movements with warm dexterity…

Wait, you are so beautiful… – if the atmosphere is right!

Sensual feel-good moments require a mental attitude to enjoy, without which physical eroticism would never tingle. Digital stress of any kind is taboo: turn off your smartphone! At most, the DVD “Crackling Fireplace” may run in an endless loop. The sense of time has to disappear completely, that’s the only way you can completely switch off and forget the world around you.

When it comes to sensuality for two, it’s not just about relaxation or distraction from hectic everyday life. It must burn in and on you: A romantic message only reaches the highest level of sensation when you pour the melted wax of a sensually smelling massage candle on your back…

Practice creates masters!

For the couples who have used the beginner’s massage set with bravura to mutual delight, they have – officially speaking – achieved the “yodel diploma” for “the higher service” to the nearest. You could switch to the professional packages from AMORELIE, where ergonomic toys with great motor performance ensure good vibrations …

Who is this a gift for?

  • lovers
  • Your own girlfriend/partner
  • Latin-Lover
  • Online sex shop customer
  • handworker
  • Goethe-Philoloven
  • Stressed (Couples)
  • young parents
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