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About foldable paper stool

  • STYLISH STOOL, made of premium craft paper, advanced craftsmanship, honeycomb structure with smooth edge, FELT cushion on the top
  • CREATIVE DESIGNS: easy to assemble, the paper stool comes like a book, two ends are inserted with strong magnets, just open and stretch two ends for several times, then put them to attach together and fasten with the ribbons
  • SPACE-SAVING, FLEXIBLE & PORTABLE: the paper stools can be folded and hidden in shelf like a book when not in use, carried anywhere you like for exhibition halls, shopping malls and more
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: modern and sleek furniture – paper stools, ideal for living room, dressing room, fitiing room, balcony and more, provides extra comfortable seats for holidays, game nights, house parties, movie nights table, footstools etc.
  • UNIQUE GIFTS, new arrival in the world of furniture, the paper stools definitely are fabulous and practical gifts for familIies and friends, especially for new house. 100% satisfied guarantee, any problems, feel free to contact us

Details about the gift idea foldable paper stool cardboard stool

The foldable stool is also very comfortable thanks to the felt pad
The foldable stool is also very comfortable thanks to the felt pad

It rings at the door. You open. The guy from DHL is standing in front of you, greeting you and holding out a flat package. And you think: Which book did Susi order again this time? If this continues, the bookshelf will soon be bursting at the seams. But cardboard cover, far from it. And Susi is already calling: “Is my foldable paper stool here? Please unpack the cardboard stool right away!” I just think: “Huh? It seems to be rattling around in the box with her!” – a kind of gigantic accordion opens up in front of me. Wow!

A real piece of cardboard furniture! A foldable stool!

That’s when I noticed: It was a sturdy cardboard stool that quickly set up in front of me. I’m thrilled and can’t stop being amazed: How could such a large cardboard stool be pressed into such a small package? It looks elegant and makes itself a suitable piece of furniture. I think about where to put the beautifully designed cardboard comrade. The seat test dispels my doubts as to whether the foldable paper stool is stable enough to withstand my weight.

It’s been a while since I last trained with the foldable Nordic walking poles. I make myself extra heavy, and hop around on it: I can’t believe what I’m reading in the instructions: Thanks to the innovative honeycomb structure, the cardboard stool can withstand a live weight of up to 300 kg! And the included felt seat pad is damn comfortable!

The cardboard stool can also be seen as a bedside table

Foldable paper stool: a functional, beautiful, and eco-friendly gift!

This is no piece of cake! The cardboard furniture can be even more than a stool: its design is somehow stylish, hip, and innovative. And the cardboard stool can be used in many ways: as a side table or base for flowers, as a reading lamp or photo frame, as a stool, as a minimalist bedside table, or as a seat in children’s rooms.

In smaller apartments, it is simply a piece of cardboard furniture that saves a lot of space and is still great to look at! In larger apartments, you can put a stool in each room. They do well there. Each cardboard stool is an eye-catcher because it comes in four different colors. Very trendy!

Also for outdoor activities…fully recyclable!

The doorbell rings again. The guy from DHL has a bigger package in his hands this time. “Udo, has the rubber geranium arrived that I want to put on the foldable stool?” In no time at all, I get out my foldable Nordic hiking sticks and pull the leash. Let Susi accept her parcels herself. By the way:

For the drinking break in the beer garden, I quickly fold the cardboard stool back together and let it disappear into the trail running backpack. My buddies will be amazed! Drink wheat beer on a Ghirland made of water-repellent kraft paper! Papperlappap!

Who is this a gift for?

  • Young parents
  • students and communities
  • Origami Fetishists
  • waste paper collector
  • for everyone who is tired of screwing together Ikea stools
  • Cardboard Beekeeper
  • hipsters and stylists
  • (Hobby) interior designers
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