For Girlfriend

Whether it’s a birthday present or a Christmas present for your girlfriend, the search for something suitable can be quite exhausting and annoying.

Sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees! Besides, who should know your girlfriend better than you?

But don’t panic, we’re happy to help you find the right gift for your girlfriend and show you our best gift IDEAS and give you tips on how to find just the right thing!
That’s why you’re in good hands with us!
We gift assistants! For our gift blog, we as a couple think about new gift IDEAS all year round and talk about which gift suits who. So we can tell you, both as a friend and as a girlfriend, how the gift is received. And of course we don’t recommend anything that we wouldn’t give away ourselves!

26 categories to inspire you to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend

As already mentioned: Hardly anyone knows your girlfriend as well as you do. All you need to find a gift is to ask the right questions and you will have found the right Christmas present for your girlfriend in no time at all. Or a birthday present. Or whatever the occasion is.

    Is she very romantic? Does she particularly enjoy moments with you alone? Just look
    Is she very romantic? Does she particularly enjoy moments with you alone? Just look
  3. TRAVEL Do
    you often have wanderlust? Does she dream and/or talk a lot about travelling? Have a look here for inspiration for a gift for your girlfriend
    Does she like being in the great outdoors? Does she like to spend her free time in the fresh air? Just look
  5. SNACKING Does
    she like sweets? Chocolate is very popular among women Look
    Does she go a lot and/or like to go shopping? Does she have a lot of clothes? Does she have many different handbags? Check out your favorite brand in store!
    Even if it’s a cliché, most women are very happy to receive jewelry from their partner. Does she wear jewelry? Is it rather costume jewelry or real precious metals? Just look
  8. WELL-KEPT Does
    she value her appearance? Is she a little vain? Which cosmetics or fragrances does she like to use and are almost empty? Are there other products from the same range?
    If you are her partner, would you like to give her something erotic?
  10. DISTRACT Does
    she need a distraction? Has she been stressed out a lot lately? Is she bored with everyday life? Just look
    she like to be pampered? Does she enjoy massages, wellness, sauna and other pampering programs? Just look
  12. EVENTS
    Which band do you like? Is she a musical or theater fan? Does she like comedy (slams)? Just look
  13. READ Does
    she like to read? Does she have a favorite author? What books does she like to read? Just look
    Alternatively, you can of course also give away the memories of a particularly good time in the form of a photo gift. Just look
    Is she a (little) gourmet? Does she love culinary travel? Does she like to cook? Just look
    What hobbies does she have? Does she have hobbies that would go with a gift? Is there anything you can do together here? Just look
    Women like to give indirect hints of what would make them happy. You just have to listen to them carefully. So is there anything she’s been talking about a lot lately? What does she post on social networks?
  18. OWN 4 WALLS Does
    Does she attach great importance to the look of her own 4 walls? Does she pay close attention to the small details in her apartment? Just look
    Is she pragmatic and happy about useful gifts? Just look
    If you believe the stereotype, women are more emotional than men and think about everything more. Is she self-reflective and self-critical? Does she always have a lot of thoughts and/or worries? Just look
  21. DRINKS Is
    she particularly fond of certain drinks? does she like tea Or coffee? Is she a wine lover? Just look
  22. PARTY
    Is she a party animal? Does she like to party with you or with her friends? Just look
  23. ADVENTURE Does
    she like action and little adventures? Is she athletic? Just look
    Women are often much more creative than men and value the small things they make themselves more than the expensive big ones. Does she have a creative streak? Does she like to paint/do handicrafts? Does she like homemade things?
    Is she musically inclined? Does she play an instrument?
    Is she always among the first when new gadgets come out? Is she a tech fanatic?
For Girlfriend

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Acupuncture mat: Daily relaxation on demand


THE gift for stressed people: Thanks to the relaxation mat, you no longer need needles or medicine men to switch off with the help of acupuncture. Too much hocus pocus? Nonsense, tap into your channels for life energy and read on.

Backpack A meaningful gift for travelers


Gifts with meaning are more and more in focus. With a Carry-a-Country you not only give away a nice backpack but also support a social project. Each backpack tells the story of its own country and is made of typical material directly from the respective country.

Double-walled glass in the shape of an animal


Fat cat velvet cushion


What’s more cuddly than a fat cat? Well, a velvet cushion designed as a fat cat :D

  • Original and adorable design.
  • Filled with 5% Spandex that allows it to return to its original shape quickly.

Flower seed gift: Attention rebels, let our cities bloom again with SEEDBOMBS


Details on the flower seed gift

It’s strange humans are very close to nature. But now most of us live in a city where it looks rather dreary and reminds us of a concrete desert. Thanks to today’s flower seed gift, the Seedbombs, that’s over now!

Gift set with teapot and 6 varieties of white tea flowers


I give you the moon: The most beautiful moon lamp


An original and beautiful ambient light: the moon lamp has the map of our satellite printed in 3D on its surface and has three different lighting modes.

Makeup box for Girlfriend


Makeup boxes are very trendy. Why not, after all, life is too short not to be inspired. And so the concept of the monthly surprise conquers one area of ​​life after the next. From toys for young and old to culinary temptations, there is a lot to discover. But now we have come across a very special star in the subscription boxing sky: the beauty and lifestyle subscription from France, Makeup Box.

Modern cuckoo clock – Time for stylish tradition!


Have you ever thought about getting a cuckoo clock? Maybe not that many 😉 We also found the idea absurd until a few days ago, but then we came across the idea of ​​a modern cuckoo clock. And now we’re excited!

The tradition of the classic cuckoo clock construction is continued and brought into the present day with modern color and design accents. For example at Here the actual watch is produced in a very traditional way in the Black Forest. But she gets her stylish appearance in Düsseldorf. A real symbiosis of old and new! And of course by hand, which means that special requests can also be accommodated.

Partner gloves – hand in hand in the sign of love in any weather!


Holding hands shows the mutual bond in a relationship. Thanks to partner gloves, you can now feel your partner’s warming hand even in bad weather while you are well protected from the wind and weather from the outside! But young mothers and best friends will also love these gloves.

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