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Choosing the right birthday gift or Christmas present for your boyfriend can sometimes be very stressful. But let’s be honest: Who should know your boyfriend better than you?! So don’t worry, you’re probably just not seeing the wood for the trees right now.
But we are here to help you! Together we will definitely find the right gift for your friend.
In this guide, we have compiled 23 tips that will lead to the right gift for your friend or partner, we have put together our best gift ideas from the last few years and also thought about it step by step on how to get the most out of a surprise for your friend.
We hope you enjoy giving presents ūüôā

Why you are in good hands on our gift blog!

Are you now asking yourself why we should help you?! Quite simply, we run our gift blog as a couple and come up with new gift IDEAS throughout the year. We are Germany’s gift assistants! Of course, we always talk about which gift goes with whom. And because we are so open about the subject, we also have a good idea of ‚Äč‚Äčwhat Christmas present might be suitable for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Or a birthday present. Or whatever the occasion is. And of course, we don’t recommend anything that we wouldn’t give away ourselves!


10 categories to inspire you to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend

As I said, hardly anyone knows your friend as well as you do. What you simply lack are the right questions, which then lead you to the right gift for him.

That’s exactly what we thought about and put together in this guide. And so that you don’t have to search through the sometimes very sad gift websites yourself, we have also found suitable gifts for you on the Internet. Well then, here we go:

    It sounds cliché but most men love football. Does he have a favorite club? Can you maybe watch a game together? Maybe even in another city? Just look
  2. more SPORT
    Is he sporty himself? Or are other sports such as basketball or ice hockey also interesting for him? Just look
  3. BEER or GIN
    Men and their beer, almost like real love. But of course a good option for a gift. Is he a big beer fan? Or is gin more his drink? Just look
    he particularly enjoy drinking other beverages or often? Like tea or coffee? Or is he more of a wine connoisseur? Look
  5. CAR
    Does he love his car? Does he feel like he spends more time in his car than with you? Just look
    Has he been stressed out a lot lately? Or is he perhaps bored from everyday life? So could he use a distraction? Just look
    How does he feel about travel? Does he like to travel and explore foreign cultures? Does he dream and/or talk a lot about traveling? Just look
    Another area in which the modern man is increasingly to be found: in the kitchen. In addition, most men simply love good food! So is he a gourmet or a connoisseur? Does he like to cook or bake? Does he love culinary trips? Just look
    Is he always one of the first when new gadgets come out? Does he love technology and likes to tinker/play with it? Check it out
    Is he a gambler and sometimes spends hours on the Playstation or on the computer? Can you maybe give him something suitable for this?

Table of Contents

Our top 26 gift ideas for boyfriends

If you still don’t know exactly what the right birthday present or Christmas present for your friend is, then that’s no problem either. Just get inspired with our top 26 gift ideas for boyfriend.

In 12 easy steps to the perfect gift for a friend or partner

Giving a gift is actually fun, because in a relationship, a gift for a friend is an expression of the love and appreciation you have for them. The magic of giving can unfold with spontaneous, small surprises in everyday life, as well as with a birthday or Christmas present for a friend or partner.

But the search for a suitable gift idea can sometimes be very frustrating, because you can’t see the forest for the trees.¬†While you probably know your boyfriend better than most, finding the right gift for him is still super difficult and you’re bound to ask yourself from time to time: What can I get my boyfriend?!
But not only that! When it comes to a gift for friends and partners, there are a few more things to consider in order to get the most out of the surprise.

With this guide, we want to help you answer as many of your questions as possible, inspire you with creative gift ideas, and help you give your friend a nice surprise.¬†Because giving can also be something magical in the 21st century and especially in a relationship and not just the exchange of valuables ūüôā

  1. Importance of the occasion:¬†Not all occasions are created equal.¬†For a 6-month relationship anniversary, you certainly give something different than for Christmas or for a 30th or 40th birthday.¬†It can be seen that the gift should be proportionate to the importance of the occasion to your friend.¬†In the same breath I would also like to mention again that there are also small surprises apart from birthday and Christmas presents for friends or partners.¬†There doesn’t always have to be a special occasion to surprise your friend or partner with a (small) gift.¬†Especially the unexpected gifts are something special.
  2. Consider interests:¬†Of course, there are many different types of gifts for friends.¬†It is important that you consider the interests of your friend or partner when giving gifts and do not give them what you actually expect from them.¬†Or what you find beautiful that he finds beautiful ūüėČ Think about what he enjoys and tailor the gift for the friend to that!¬†For example,¬†romantic gifts¬†are primarily a symbolic gesture of love, while¬†useful gifts areare something of real value and utility and are more likely to appeal to pragmatists.¬†Or does your friend like sports, action, music?!¬†If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this guide, check out our categories on our gifts blog.¬†Much more inspiration is waiting for you here ūüôā
  3. Listening and recognizing needs:¬†The search for a gift for a friend or partner can begin long before the actual occasion.¬†Most of the time, in a relationship, we tell each other a lot about what you could actually use or what you’ve always wanted to do.¬†Listening carefully is the order of the day!¬†The best thing to do is simply create a list on your mobile phone and write down all your ideas here.¬†Then the next gift occasion can come relaxed.
  4. Asking friends:¬†If you’re still wondering: What can I get my friend? then just ask his friends for advice.¬†After all, they have a completely different view of things and can certainly help you with interesting ideas.¬†But be careful that word of your gift idea doesn’t get around and that your friend knows in advance what he’s getting.
    Surprise makes the magic: One of the essential factors of a great gift is the magic of the surprise!¬†If your friend knows exactly what you’re going to get them, the unwrapping moment certainly won’t feel special.¬†So try to find the balance between the unpredictable and the desirable.¬†The most important thing is that your friend likes his gift.
  5. Materialism is out: More and more people see the rampant consumption in our society as quite critical. If your friend belongs to this type of person, the gift for your friend should also be appropriate. For example, give him a shared experience or maybe a gift with social added value instead of something material.
  6. Budget vs. depth:¬†This topic cannot be generalized.¬†Each couple maintains its own “rules”.¬†In general, of course, when giving presents, meaningful gifts come before expensive items.¬†But of course character type, income, etc. also play a role here.¬†In any case, we recommend giving enough thought to which gift is appropriate for your friend and then seeing how it can be combined with your budget.
  7. Get a gift:¬†It doesn’t matter whether you buy the gift or make it yourself, it’s worth comparing online the conditions of the different retailers and shops where you can buy the gift or the materials for your DIY gift.¬†There are often many different products, but also prices and delivery times that you should inform yourself about.¬†In this guide, too, we show you different options for the different gift categories.¬†It’s worth comparing on the Internet!
  8. Wrapping a gift:¬†The wrapping of the gift is a science in itself.¬†Of course, a creatively and elaborately wrapped gift looks completely different when presented than one wrapped in newspaper.¬†The gift packaging also adds its part to the big surprise and should be planned accordingly.¬†And I mean, wrapping gifts creatively is fun after all ūüôā
  9. Storage: Keeping¬†a gift hidden until you give it can be easy or difficult.¬†Depending on the life situation.¬†If you live with your friend in a small and/or minimalistic apartment, it might make sense to keep the gift somewhere else.¬†Or you just hide it in a big bag and tell your friend not to look in there under any circumstances.¬†The only question then is: How curious is your friend?¬†ūüėČ Caution is advised, especially with Christmas presents for friends or partners, as the present must be kept separate from the other gifts that may be shared!
  10. Romantic card:¬†Whether or not the gift for your boyfriend is inherently romantic, make or buy a nice card to give along with the gift.¬†Even if you’re not a gifted writer, it’s nice when you try to express your feelings and write them down.¬†It doesn’t have to be a novel, but a little romance is allowed in every gift in a relationship.
  11. Hand over a gift ‚Äď create surprise and excitement:¬†Now it’s time to get down to business, you hand over the gift to your friend or partner.¬†In addition to the content and packaging, there are still a few tricks to celebrate the moment of giving as much as possible.¬†So you can either surprise him with the gift in an unexpected moment.¬†Or you build up tension, for example by letting him open one part first and then the next part a little later.¬†Or you tell him: “Wait here, I’ll get the gift”.¬†So he’s full of excitement while he doesn’t even see the gift.¬†You can keep the handover itself simple.
  12. Assess reactions:¬†And did you like the gift?!¬†Only one person knows this answer: Your friend!¬†Depending on the type, he may not show much joy because it’s just not his style.¬†So don’t be disappointed.¬†That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the gift!¬†It is important that you both learn to deal with the fact that a gift may not fit so well and that you can also say so.¬†Because in a relationship, keeping a gift just out of politeness makes no sense.¬†The partner will then think they like it and maybe give something similar next time.¬†So be honest with each other.¬†Be sure to tell your friend!

We hope our instructions will help you a little to find a nice gift for your friend or partner and to wrap it in a nice surprise.¬†But try not to stress yourself out too much, rather enjoy the moment together with your friend ūüôā