Gift Ideas that you Love a lot

Acupuncture mat: Daily relaxation on demand


THE gift for stressed people: Thanks to the relaxation mat, you no longer need needles or medicine men to switch off with the help of acupuncture. Too much hocus pocus? Nonsense, tap into your channels for life energy and read on.

Backpack A meaningful gift for travelers


Gifts with meaning are more and more in focus. With a Carry-a-Country you not only give away a nice backpack but also support a social project. Each backpack tells the story of its own country and is made of typical material directly from the respective country.

Balls that bounce up to 30 meters high


Bambita: the bamboo folding table


With a contemporary design and made of bamboo, this folding table will be very practical for working, studying, eating, enjoying your free time…

  • Very practical for eating, studying, teleworking…
  • Made entirely of bamboo, a resistant and sustainable material.
  • It incorporates a lectern, a cup holder hole and a side drawer.
  • With ventilation holes for the laptop.
  • Folding and extendable legs.
  • Security support for electronic devices.
  • Easy to fold and store.

BÚ, the ghost that takes away your fear


The ghost that takes away your fear Bú is a wireless LED lamp that charges via USB (cable included). It is made of soft silicone and has 4 lighting modes: warm or cold light, and high or low intensity.

Children’s organic growing kit: My First Garden

  • It consists of 4 envelopes of seeds certified by organic farming.
  • Simple kit, designed for children.
  • It is didactic, they will be able to understand and love the plants while taking care of them.
  • All kit components are recyclable and natural, without any chemicals.

Children’s shampoo shower spoon

3.7 ★
3.7 ★
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Deep Sea Moving Sand Box


Surprise the ones you love the most with this amazing moving sand box. The sand moves to create different images at each moment. A super original gift!

  • Images with super decorative sand.
  • Handmade in Austria.
  • The sand moves to show different images at each moment.
  • A very original gift that will leave everyone with their mouths open.