Gift Ideas that you Love a lot

Our gift blog for personal gift tips

Nice that you landed on our gift blog!¬†We are convinced that the magic of giving is in the surprise and therefore in the gift IDEA and not, for example, in the price tag.¬†And we’re happy to help you find the right gift.

How did this blog for gift ideas come about?

We have noticed that far too often gifts are simply reduced to the exchange of valuables.¬†Sometimes you even just buy something, just so you don’t stand there empty-handed and check the topic off.

So did we.¬†When we were looking for gift tips and blogs for gifts, we just couldn’t find anything.¬†But that doesn’t make any sense!¬†We just don’t want to accept that, after all it’s about our loved ones!

We’ve also noticed that most of our gift-hunting problems aren’t a lack of imagination or creativity, but rather a problem of time.¬†You wait way too long and then it’s only a few days and you start to panic.

So why not straighten it out a bit and start thinking of gift ideas sooner?! With this gift blog, we are now forcing ourselves to think about gift ideas all year round and thus straightening out the problem of looking for gifts just before Christmas. The goal is at least one gift idea per week.

How does this help you with the gift hunt?

But we also think that good gift ideas aren’t meant to be locked in a drawer and then maybe taken out once or twice.¬†No, we want our gift ideas to please as many people as possible.¬†So we’re sharing them here on our gifts blog to help you find the right gifts.

Because we know: The search for gifts can be quite difficult, time-consuming and nerve-wracking. And especially on the Internet, you are flooded far too often with really bad suggestions and/or quantities of products, so that you only want to give up when you are overwhelmed. With the gift ideas we have described, you will receive a manageable but high-quality selection of ideas that have the character of personal gift tips for us.

But why are good gift ideas important now?

We think giving can do so much and is important for both children and adults.¬†Because if we’re honest: the sometimes dreary everyday life strikes far too often.¬†A well-considered surprise for someone close is just the thing.¬†And this surprise is guaranteed not only to please the person receiving the gift.¬†So it’s worth giving a few thoughts to our loved ones.¬†And we will help you too.¬†But enough talk for now: Take a look around our gift blog and get inspired.

If you don’t find anything that suits you, we’re happy to help you personally.¬†Just write us with a few details about the person to be gifted and we will help you find the right gift.

Some also write us ophoria, oforia or ovoria.